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The hybrid car is a car model that does not connect to the grid. This car has two different engines: the electric motor and the combustion engine.

When the operation speed is considered low, the car runs on the electric motor, but when and must require the car speeds who comes into operation is the combustion engine.

The Toyota Prius is the vehicle that was responsible for giving a new boost to electric cars, the Ford Fusion Hybrid, in turn, is the version of the Ford manufacturer for hybrid cars.

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In addition to recharge the electric motor receives through the mains or even with the combustion engine which is inside the car, but there are other alternatives that are useful to recharge the batteries.

The hybrid drive system makes use of the system that performs the transformation of the energy [and dissipated in braking on charges that recharge the batteries through dynamos that have been specifically designed for this purpose.

Electric motor is the heart of the electric machine

Like the human body which depends on the proper functioning of the heart to function, the electric motor also depends on a heart and that the heart is the electric motor because the electric motor is generating the fundamental movement for the material to be processed.

The owners of industries often buy machines with electric motor and keep them in stock, because in case of need to exchange is made quickly and effectively, but not enough to store because the electric motor requires some special before.

And among these precautions are: turning the electric motor shaft by hand once a month; if the electric motor has heater, it must be energized throughout the period in which the electric motor is kept in the storage site and the electric motor can not be packed in plastic, because the electric motor can retain moisture inside the computer.


If the electric engine is stored for more than two months, you must submit it to some things you are measuring the insulation resistance before putting the electric motor to operate; replace all the grease that lubricates the electric motor and, if necessary all bearings should be replaced.

Motor electric models available

The different models of electric motors on the market that allow multiple threads can be met with the same functionality. The engine has become much more important than most think, it’s no wonder that using only increases over the years.

The first step is to understand what is the function of the machines so that we can then understand why it is so used. The function of this machine is to make the transformation of electrical energy to mechanical energy, as various products and processes also need the mechanical power, so the engine is more suitable for offering economy to perform.

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There are single-phase and three-phase models available on the market. At the time of making the purchase of motor research is needed to have knowledge about which model will suit the purpose required. Be sure to search so you can make the purchase of the correct motor and always ensuring the best price.

Function Electric Motor

The electric motor is a machine that has a great importance for various segments. This machine has undergone significant changes since it was created and today proves very effective and economical. Nowadays there are so many segments that make the use of this machine that is hard to list.

The main function of this machine is to receive power and turn to mechanical energy. As there are many products and industries that require mechanical energy in order to function, most of them make use of the engine for this purpose. The Industrial segment was the first to make use of this machine, she later began to meet different segments.

The electric motor is widely used because it is one of the best machines for the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy more economically. Industrial and commercial segments make use of this machine to achieve best results. dodxge px90 series